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Spot Dying

We can restore the original color to carpets that have suffered a color loss. Spot dyeing is typically performed by professional carpet and fabric technicians who have experience and expertise in handling various types of dyes and materials. The process involves matching the dye color to the original material's shade and carefully applying it to the affected area.

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Laborious physical exercise, except too obtain some advantage from it.
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Laborious physical exercise, except too obtain some advantage from it.
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If you have areas of discoloration or fading on your carpets, rugs, or fabrics, consider consulting a professional who specializes in spot dyeing to determine if this technique is the appropriate solution for restoring the appearance of your item.

Got Questions?

Here is some popular question & answer
about our cleaning service
  • What is the difference between the shampoo method and steam cleaning?

    Shampoo method detergents are applied to the surface with a rotary machine. The drawback to this type of cleaning is that it is just a surface cleaning. The other major disadvantage is shampooing leaves a residue on the surface of the carpet. This residue actually attracts more dirt and may, in some cases, damage the fiber.

  • Is it really steam?

    No, it is not really steam. Steam is a term used in the carpet and upholstery cleaning industry. We use hot water heated to the appropriate temperature for the most effective cleaning.

  • What is steam cleaning? Is it better?

    We use steam (hot water), pressure and a cleaning solution to deep clean carpet down to the backing. The soil as well as the solution is removed immediately using strong suction. Steam cleaning is the most effective method of carpet & upholstery cleaning.

  • Is there any other source available for helping answer questions about products to remove specific stains?

    Additional help is available by going to

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